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Wayne Resource Guide Child Abuse/Incest

Childhelp® USA National Hotline
800 4.A.CHILD (800.422.4453)
Childhelp® exists to meet the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children. We focus our efforts on advocacy, prevention, treatment and community outreach.

Family Counseling Service of the F.L., Inc.
165 East Union Street, Newark
Licensed, Master's-level counselors provide specialized assessment and treatment services for child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse.

NYS Child Abuse Hotline

Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network
Reaching out for help is often the first step toward healing. RAINN provides support for sexual assault victims and their loved ones.

VRC_ad.jpgVictim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Inc.
132 Harrison Street, Newark
NYS Office of Children & Family Services and Department of Health certified agency for the victims of domestic, sexual, stalking, dating violence and child abuse services. All services are free and confidential.

Wayne County Department of Social Services
77 Water St., Lyons

The Wayne County Department Social Services provides:

Preventive Services for Children - are supportive and rehabilitative services provided to children and their families: to avert an impairment or disruption of a family which will or could result in the placement of a child in foster care, to enable a child who has been in foster care to return to his/her family at an earlier time than would otherwise be possible, and/or to reduce the likelihood that a child who has been discharged from foster care would return to such care.

Foster Care Services - are defined as assessing the need for, arranging for, and providing for placement services to individuals under the age of 18 (under 21 in cases of children in foster care prior to age 18) in a foster home or appropriate group facility as a result of a judicial determination to the effect that continuation of care in a child's own home would be contrary to the welfare of such child, or at the request of the parent or legal guardian. A foster care home or facility used for the care of children shall be licensed by the state in which it is suited or have been approved by the agency of such state for licensing or certifying homes or facilities of this type as meeting the standards of such licensing.

Adoption Services - are defined as assisting a child to secure an adoptive home (through counseling with biological parents concerning the surrender of a child for adoption); assisting a parent unwilling or unable to care for a child to surrender such child for adoption or instituting legal procedures to separate a child from his/her parent or parents under appropriate circumstances and arranging for and providing legal services to accomplish this purpose; the recruitment, study and evaluation of interested prospective adoptive parents; training for prospective and approved adoptive parents, evaluation of placement need, pre-placement planning, selection and placement of available children; counseling for families after placement; supervision of child and family for up to twelve months following legal adoption including the counseling of the child and adoptive parents during the period.

Child Protective Services - are defined as services on behalf of children under the age of 18, including runaway children, who are harmed or threatened with harm by a parent, guardian, or other person legally responsible for the child's health and welfare (as defined by the Family Court Act, section 1012g) through non-accidental physical or mental injury, sexual abuse (as defined by State law), or negligent treatment or maltreatment including the failure to provide adequate food, clothing, or shelter. Runaway children are included where their status as a runaway child is apparently the result of their abuse or maltreatment or when their status is due to the unwillingness or inability of the parents to continue to assume legal responsibilities and obligations.


The Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Inc.