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Wayne Resource Guide Runaway Youth Services

Homeless Program - WC Pre-Trial Services
103 Colton Ave., Newark
Wayne County Pre-Trial Services provides short-term crisis management to assist youth in obtaining shelter, food, and clothing; crisis intervention; counseling; substance abuse prevention; and independent living skills. A homeless youth is defined as a person under the age of twenty-one who is in need of services and is without a stable and appropriate shelter where supervision and care are available.

National Runaway Hotline
24 Hours.
TDD 800.621.0394

National Runaway Switchboard

National Youth Crisis Hotline:
800.442.HOPE (4673)

NYS Child Protective Services Hotline

Runaway Program - Wayne County Department of Aging and Youth
1519 Nye Rd., Lyons
The Wayne County Runaway Program provides case management, referral, education, and advocacy services to youth ages 12 to 17 years of age that have considered running away or actually have runaway from home. The Runaway Case Manager will work with the youth and family in an effort to resolve problems through mediation. A toll-free number is available at 1-800-216-5693 during business hours. After business hours call 911.