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Wayne Resource Guide Law Enforcement/Incarceration

Wayne County Community Service
Weekend Work Program
16 William Street, Lyons
This program provides an alternative to incarceration through the use of community service. The target populations are adult and juvenile offenders who, with court mandated conditions of community service or weekend work, would otherwise be incarcerated. Supervising Agency is Wayne County Department of Probation and Correctional Alternatives

Wayne County Felony Diversion
16 William Street, Lyons
Provides supervision and treatment for felony offenders who are eligible for probation and who would otherwise be committed to an incarcerative sentence with the NYS Department of Correctional Services (DOCS). Goal of project is to reduce the number of DOCS commitments made in this county on an annual basis, for those non-violent offenders who could be appropriately managed in the community, with a system of graduated sanctions and service. Provides day reporting or day treatment services, electronic monitoring, intensive supervision and other forms of offender control to ensure his or her law-abiding behavior and satisfaction of the court ordered conditions of release, such as restitution, community service and participation in substance abuse treatment. Supervising Agency is Wayne County Department of Probation and Correctional Alternatives.

Wayne County Intensive Supervision Program
16 William Street, Lyons
The Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) is an Alternative to Incarceration operation provided to superior courts and Local Conditional Release Commissions by participating probation departments. ISP offers a credible sentencing and community supervision option for offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated. Agency services provided are primarily eligibility assessments, court ordered restrictions, monitoring, field supervision and intensive supervision. Target populations are convicted adult felons. Supervising Agency is Wayne County Department of Probation and Correctional Alternatives.

Wayne County Pretrial Services
103 Colton Ave., Newark
Provides all criminal court clients, initially unable to post bail, the opportunity to be interviewed to determine eligibility for release from jail. The interview process objectively assesses the defendant's qualifications for release through release on his/her own recognizance (ROR), or, where the court determines the risk of absconding to be greater, through release under supervision (RUS). Program operations will include screening, eligibility determinations, monitoring functions where appropriate, and court notification of those who fail to satisfy release requirements. Supervising agency is Wayne Pretrial Service, Inc.

Wayne County Probation Department
16 William Street, Lyons
County government agency, services include the preparation of pre-sentence investigations and reports for the criminal courts and the supervision of criminals sentenced to probation. Investigation and supervision functions are also provided for criminals released from jail by the Local Conditional Release Commission. Intake, investigation and supervision services are provided for Family Court. Many discretionary services for pretrial and alternative sentencing are also provided. Participates in PINS (Person In Need of Supervision) and Adjustment services programming.


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