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Wayne Resource Guide Child Welfare

Center for Dispute Settlement
54 Broad St., Lyons
Avoids trial and achieve timely outcomes in child-welfare cases.

Wayne County Pre-Trial Services
103 Colton Ave., Newark
Wayne County Pre-Trial Services provides short-term crisis management to assist youth in obtaining shelter, food, and clothing, crisis intervention, counseling, substance abuse prevention and independent living skills. A homeless youth is defined as a person under the age of twenty-one who is in need of services and is without a stable and appropriate shelter where supervision and care are available. For children of all ages Pre-Trial also offers an alternative to no money bail.

Wayne County Department of Social Services
77 Water St., Lyons
The Wayne County Department of Social Services office of Child Protective Services are defined as services on behalf of children under the age of 18, including runaway children, who are harmed or threatened with harm by a parent, guardian, or other person legally responsible for the child's health and welfare through non-accidental physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, or negligent treatment or maltreatment including the failure to provide adequate food, clothing, or shelter. Runaway children included. If you suspect abuse or maltreatment? Report it now! Call our Statewide toll free number: 800.342.3720. If you believe that a child is in immediate danger, call 911. The Hotline receives calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week from two sources: persons who are required by law, or mandated, to report suspected cases of child abuse and maltreatment; and calls from non-mandated reporters, including the public.

NYS Child Abuse Hotline

VRC_ad.jpgVictim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Inc.
132 Harrison St., Newark
NYS Office of Children & Family Services and Department of Health certified agency for the victims of domestic, sexual, stalking, dating violence and child abuse services. All services are free and confidential.


The Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Inc.