Fidelis Care
Wayne Resource Guide Information, Assistance and Support

3111 S Winton Rd, Rochester, NY
CompassionNet assists seriously ill children to live as normally as possible, concentrating on alleviating their suffering and keeping them at home during the course of their disease. Case managers provide families/guardians of these children access to resources that sustain effective coping and positive family dynamics.

Finger Lakes Parent Network
25 Steuben St., Bath
Serving parents, grandparents and caregivers of children with emotional, behavioral, mental and /or developmental disabilities. Providing support groups with speakers, peer support, education, respite child care, intensive support services, annual parent retreat, teen programming, information and referral services. Any child or youth with an emotional, behavioral and/or mental disorder and his/her family residing in Wayne County is eligible for free services. No diagnosis or referral necessary.

50 Vantage Point Drive, Suite 4, Rochester
Over 800,000 children in New York suffer from autism, developmental disabilities, birth defects or the effects of disabling accidents. SKIP (Sick Kids [Need] Involved People) acts as a free medical concierge, connecting children to the services and equipment they need to get well and live at home rather than in hospitals or institutions. SKIP transforms the lives of the 5,000 medically vulnerable children it helps each year. And, in an average year, SKIP saves over $50 million in public expense.

Wayne County Department of Aging and Youth
1519 Nye Rd., Suite 300, Lyons
The Wayne County Department of Aging & Youth believes in encouraging a positive future for all young people by establishing and maintaining collaborations with other agencies to ensure that Wayne County provides the best services available. It is the responsibility of the Wayne County Department of Aging & Youth to provide information and services to all youth under 21 years of age in Wayne County. Youth programs in Wayne County encompass a wide variety of services including youth development, family counseling, crisis management, mental health counseling to name a few. Contact the Wayne County Department of Aging & Youth to obtain information in regard to the services available for youth and their families in Wayne County.