Fidelis Care
Wayne Resource Guide Bully Prevention

Catholic Charities
180 East Union Street, Newark
315.331.4867 x22
Positive Attitude Responsible Citizen (PARC) Program - works in collaboration with school districts to promote a safe and respectful learning environment encouraging students to be responsible, empathetic and tolerant of others. The goal of the program is to decrease bullying behaviors among children and teens in academic, social and community settings while developing good character and social responsibility. Currently operating in grades K-8 in the Pal-Mac School District.

Center for Dispute Settlement
54 Broad St., Lyons
Parent-child mediation resolves issues in safe and confidential matters between children and parents, and children and school. Develop solutions for challenges of truancy and rules violations.

National Crime Prevention Council
Provide information on: bullying, cell phone safety, conflict resolution, cyber bullying, disaster preparedness, drug abuse, fraud and identity theft, gang violence prevention, Halloween safety, hate crime information, home and neighborhood safety, internet safety, school safety, violent crime and personal safety, volunteering and workplace safety.

Stop Bullying
Bullying has a potentially devastating effect on students and young adults, their families, schools and communities. Website provides extensive information on what bullying looks like, warning signs, what things you can do to stop bullying and how to get help. Includes resources for parents, children and educators. Cyber-bullying, LGBT, and text bullying. Website provided by the Department of Health and Humans Services in partnership with The Department of Education and The Department of Justice. Please see School Districts listed in EDUCATION for contact information of local administrators. Report bullying now!